Energion Author Steve Kindle is Starting a New Ministry

Credit: Openclipart.org.

PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIAN ALERT: Rev. Steve Kindle, former editor of our Energion Discussion Network, begins a new ministry today (August 29, 2016). It’s called Pastor2Pew (www.pastor2pew.org) and is specifically designed to assist progressive pastors in sermon preparation. Steve is interviewing prominent progressive pastors and theologians on how they are preparing their sermons on upcoming lectionary texts. If this interests you, you can watch the interview for this coming Sunday’s text, Luke 14:25-43. The site has many more things of interest to progressive Christians. If you like what you see, he’d appreciate passing the news along. He’d also appreciate a “like” on Facebook, too. There’s a 3½ minute introductory video that explains this project in full.

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