Another Great Day! Reimagine Montclair

On Saturday, September 22nd, Energion Publications’ owners and many of its authors through their books, attended the Reimagine Montclair event on the grounds of Montclair Elementary School. Hundreds of people came and received free food, clothing, advice and information from local and state assistance programs, hair cuts and even fishing lessons and music.

Energion gave away $500 in books (wholesale value). These included Bible study guides, devotionals, topical studies and information, poetry and fiction. “What we freely gave was God’s encouragement and confirmation that He is right here and loves ever person we met!” said editor, Jody Neufeld.

Reimagine Brownesville will be held November 3, 2018 at Oakcrest Elementary School grounds, Pensacola, FL. If you would like to contribute to this event, contact us at

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