Jody’s Christmas List #5

Prayer Trilogy by Kimberly Gordon, Retail: $10.99, Sale: $7.50

Allegheny Hideaway by Kimberly Gordon Retail: $16.99, Sale: $11.75

Please Love Me by Kimberly Gordon Retail: $14.99, Sale: $10.50

Kimberly Gordon does a great job of bringing a story together with action, strong, interactive characters and subplots that enhance the main theme. The strength of these stories are not contingent on predictable stories, permissive sex, or foul language, and weak characters.

Prayer Trilogy brings the story of two families in the Colorado territory to the reader and I promise you won’t be able to put down the book until you have seen the faith that takes each person through their journey.




Allegheny Hideaway is set in the Civil War, exploring the relationship between an abused woman and her wise, supportive slave, as they both start over in the Allegheny Mountains.



Please Love Me opens our eyes to what love in marriage is and what it isn’t. Margaret Roe, an orphan, becomes a mail order bride. Margaret and Russell Chadwick learn about love and so do we, the reader.

Great books whether you are 15 or 75.

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