Did You Notice the Spirit Moving?

We can see traces of Spirit — Spirit sightings — in the same way as we see wind rustling through the leaves or propelling waves to the shoreline. Everywhere and acting in various ways, intimately tailored to our openness and life situation, the Spirit addresses each of us personally. Often, however, we fail to see these traces of Spirit subtly shaping our lives and providentially moving in synchronous encounters.

The Spirit is spiritual and experiential, not dogmatic. As in the case of the experiences of Jesus’ first followers, described in Acts of the Apostles, Spirit pushes doctrine to the limit, forcing us to make it up as we go along. Encountering God is more important than words about God. The flames and winds of Spirit burst beyond tradition, dogma, clergy, church, and sacrament. Spirit goes and flows, breathing and moving in everything, from the non-human world to the meditations of our hearts.

Bruce Epperly, Restless Spirit, p. 6

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