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Logo and Company Name

Very occasionally I’m asked about our log and company name. Well, actually, I’ve only been asked about our logo once! I’ve been asked about the name more often. Here’s a pair of buttons that should help explain these. Note that while I’m the founder of Energion Publications and read Greek, the particular connections are not […]

Why Two New Books on the Trinity

People may be wondering why Energion has published, within three months, two Topical Line Drives about the Trinity. One of those (A Holy Mystery: Taking Apart the Trinity) I wrote. The other (The Triune Nature of God by Bob Cornwall) I edited. Preview Preview They are very different books, come from completely different places and […]

Who Are You Writing To?

Now don’t, just don’t say anything to me about ending a sentence with a preposition. Prepositions are fine things to end a sentence with! I’m an editor, and I say so! (I also say not to use lots of exclamation marks, but we’ll ignore that for now.) So you’re writing a book. Ask yourself early. […]

It’s the New Weekend

I was driving in the car with a young boy and his mother today, and suddenly he announced: “I don’t have to go to school today! It’s the new weekend!” I immediately thought, That will preach. But only a little bit of preaching. We should connect creation, redemption, and re-creation. It is the God who […]

Relink: Christ Has Died

I want to link to a post from 2014, which has a message worth repeating: Christ Has Died. Here’s a short note from William Powell Tuck’s book The Church Under the Cross: To remove the cross from Christianity is to destroy the Christian message. The cross is at the center of our message about Christ. […] Store Outage

There’s an outage on our store. We don’t know how long this outage will be, but will be taking steps shortly to make sure books are available for direct purchase. All books are still available via various online retailers. To get current information on books, go to Energion Direct. Just be aware that the […]

Pricing Books

Steve A. Wiggins, an author, writes a post titled, The Price is Wrong. I recommend that our authors read it, and it wouldn’t hurt for customers to do so as well, as it touches on some factors in pricing books. The issues are different for Energion Publications, but only in degree. The reason is that […]

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