New eBook Release – PERFECTLY SQUARE in Exciting Color
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New eBook Release – PERFECTLY SQUARE in Exciting Color

Energion Publications is proud to announce the availability of the book PERFECTLY SQUARE™, now in several electronic formats, all in exciting color. These electronic editions, released in April 2016, use full color to enhance the playful visuals that illustrate the delightful, uplifting story and timely, inspiring message. For full details, and a list of electronic…


From the Editor’s Desk: Carolyn Côté and Charles J. Lopez, Jr.

One thing that I like about our catalog here at Energion is its diversity. We have authors who would be found working as professors in seminaries and in liberal arts colleges, as well as stay-at-home parents and retired ministers. We have well known authors and first time authors. Assenting to the Eternal: Kingdom Exchanges Revealed…

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From the Editor’s Desk: Hunger: Satisfying the Longing of your Soul

Do you ever think, “There must be more?” Even if your health is good, you may keep thinking it would be better if you just lost that 20 pounds. Even if you have a nice home, you really should replace the carpet. Even if you buy your children birthday presents, you would really like to…

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From the Editor’s Desk, August 20, 2015:

This week, Energion Publications is releasing Parent-Driven Discipleship by Michael Kennedy. Dr. Kennedy is a father of two children and a pastor. He wrote this book from a heart that is concerned and passionate about the young adults, youth & children of this world. He believes it is the parents who are the frontline teachers….

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From Jody’s Editor Desk at Energion

A Home United: Strategies for Couples with Different Beliefs by Dr. Robert R. LaRochelle [Retail price $9.99] How many people reading this post are part of a marriage in which you were raised (and may still be in) a different faith community than your spouse? My parents were (Catholic and Lutheran). My brother was (Catholic…

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Epperly and LaRochelle: New Books On Pre-Order!

It is a busy summer here at Energion Publications! Drs. Bruce Epperly and Robert LaRochelle have new books now on pre-order. Both books are interesting for small group studies as well as personal study. Galatians: A Participatory Study Guide is the second study guide for Energion Publications by Dr. Bruce Epperly. A study on Philippians…

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TWO New Books to the Printer Today!

Did you hear that? It is the sound of our door here at Energion Publications closing as two new books leave for the printer today! Both books were written by seasoned EP authors. Nancy Petrey has had an exciting last seven days as today’s book, Why Christians Should Care About their Jewish Roots, is her second to leave for the…