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Some Good Advice for Writers

Brian McLaren links to some good advice for writers from Margaret Feinberg.  To the “write, write, write” and get good criticism let me add:  Listen to criticism self-critically, but use your own judgment.  I’m an editor and I have accepted things other editors hated.  Editors are human too; we have our likes and dislikes.

Embracing the Future of Information

… whatever that is! I don’t actually know, but I’m watching closely and constantly trying to catch up.  There are a few trends that are obvious, however. But first, a little history.  Energion Publications was founded by buying out some existing publications.  These consisted of two comb-bound books, one stapled booklet, and one book printed […]

Publishing Various Viewpoints

I don’t think publishers normally have this problem, but in many conversations I am asked why I would publish books I don’t agree with.  Now if you’re one of the big publishing houses, it’s pretty much understood that you don’t have a singular viewpoint, but rather a range. But Energion Publications is a small organization, […]

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