Book of the Week: 52 Weeks of Ordinary People

This week we inaugurate a new program at Energion Publications–the book of the week. This program resulted from the number of questions we have received about using our materials in churches, especially for small groups. Each week we will feature one title, offer a discount, and post 2 or 3 discussions of how one can make use of it.

This first week’s book is 52 Weeks of Ordinary People – Extraordinary God. This little book retails for $7.99, and for this week it will be available for $5.99, a 25% discount. Remember that discounts are not cumulative, but this price matches the quantity price for up to 20 copies. If you are buying in quantity, you will receive the best price–current sale or discount.

This title is on our list of small group materials, and so is also eligible for free evaluation copies to those who qualify.

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