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A Quandry for Christian Authors

I believe those of us or teach, preach, or speak have a duty to make our lives representative of the gospel. By that I don’t mean that we become salvation by works perfectionists; our work is surrender, letting Jesus live through us.

It’s often difficult to portray that in words. If one is forceful, one can be seen as arrogant. If one is gentle, one’s words may be ignored. If one uses an extensive vocabulary and tries to education, one may be seen as talking down. If one avoids all the big words, one may also be failing to teach the big concepts.

In a post today Brian McLaren quotes a letter to him from someone who thinks he’s talking down. Now I haven’t read the book in question (Everything Must Change), but I have read some of McLaren’s work and never got this impression. To be fair, neither did the letter writer, in reading books that I have also read.  But his view changed with Everything Must Change.

I wrote a bit about this in relation to speaking God’s word on my Threads blog today, and I have also been considering the relationship of the proclaimer to the message proclaimed in studying 2 Corinthians.

Any suggestions or comments?

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