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Weiss recalls his “journey of faith” as a Christian

– Taken in total with permission from The Journal Era newspaper, Tim Pullano, Publisher, October 20, 2010, Berrien Springs, Michigan.

Dr. Herold Weiss of Berrien Springs has published his fourth book, Finding My Way in Christianity – Recollections of a Journey.”

The csts $16.95 and is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

“The book is a recollection, a story of a faith journey that is linked to episodes in my life,” Weiss said. “It is an argument against those who claim that unless you are the ultra conservative Christian of the religious right, you are not a Christian.”

He emphasized that Christianity is not a system of doctrines, it is a way of life.

“Jesus did not promulgate any laws or established a doctrine, but gave us an example,” he said.

Dr. Weiss is also the author of Paul of Tarsus: His Gospel,and Life and A Day of Gladness: The Sabbath Among Jews and Christians in Antiquity, and he is the co-author (with Cosgrove and Yeo) of Crosscultural Paul: Journeys to Others, Journeys to Ourselves.

Dr. Weiss is professor emeritus of religious studies at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana. He is a native of Montivideo, Uruguay, and received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Southern Missionary College, his Masters and B.D. From Andrews University, and his Ph.D. from Duke University. He was also an affiliate professor of the New Testament in the Hispanic program of Northern Baptist Theological Seminary for many years.

Dr. Weiss also writes a column in Spanish and English for Spectrummagazine.com.

When he is not writing, he enjoys his grandchildren, sailing on Lake Michigan, and working around the house.

Dr. Weiss and his wife, Aida, live in the house he built on Garr Road in Oronoko Township and they are members of the Spanish SDA Church in Berrien Springs. They have two grown sons, Herold “Dito” Wiss of Berrien Springs and Dr. Carlos Weiss of Grand Rapids, and five grandchildren.

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