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noise flash Begins its Explosion in Panama City, FL

Friday night was an evening of art at Northstar Church in Panama City, FL.  It was at this annual event that Lee Baker chose to debut his book, noise flash, a collection of poetry about people, places, and things.

Surrounded by friends, family, and new acquaintances, Lee signed books and greeted all who came to be a part of the celebration.  A friend, and fellow Energion Publications author, Nick May (Megabelt), was also in attendance and signed a few of his own books.

Energion Publications editor, Henry Neufeld, said, “This was an interesting and active outreach event for this church.  It brought the arts into the heart of ministry.  Well done!”

cotton stories by Lee Baker

Life travels not far

To stay close to love

But travels far for it

Tales you regale

From beginning trains and banks

You share over coffee

Destined for tomorrow

Wondering why you’ve lived so long

And grateful for everyday

In the little ones eyesore

Though you judge

It’s just genetic

And you teach us quiet patience

You resonate old world

Your hair echoes a snow fall

From a foreign land

That no one has ever set foot

When darkness calls you to the light

You will dance into it gracefully

We will sign and smile with joy

We will see you again

Your care will carry one

And your cotton stories

And coffee

Will keep us warm

(an excerpt from Lee Baker’s book, noise flash, Energion Publications, 2011.)

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