Good Friday and Christian Unity

Good Friday is a good time to think about Christian unity. Just before the story of the cross in the Gospel According to John, Jesus told his disciples to love one another as he had loved them. If you think a love-centered Christianity is weak or easy, consider that standard!

Today I want to link to two posts on other Energion sites that relate to Christian unity, both regarding the same passage, Philippians 1:15-18. Here Paul rejoices that the gospel is preached, even by people with bad motivations. Shortly after this, in this same letter, he will write some of the clearest calls to humility and other-centeredness anywhere in scripture in the second chapter of the same book. I suggest reading all of Philippians in one sitting. It’s short, it’s constructive, and it’s inspiring.

My first link is to an extract from Philippians: A Participatory Study Guide by Bruce Epperly, titled (by me) Preaching with Bad Motives.

The second is from David Alan Black, which I’ve titled (no titles on Dave’s blog!), which I’ve titled Unity and Other-Centeredness.

Later today I will be posting a video of one of our fiction authors, Andy Garza, doing a Good Friday/Easter reading from his book The Scarab and the Cross.

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