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Dave and Becky Black Leave for Ethiopia

Dave and Becky Lynn Black are leaving for Ethiopia today and tomorrow.  They have posted their prayer itinerary.  We at Energion Publications encourage you to follow this itinerary and pray for them regularly as they serve others.

From Dave Black Online:

Top 10 Things I Love About Ethiopia:

10) The smell of open-air fires.

9) The near-perfect climate (“13 months of sunshine”)

8) The word “Ishee”

7) The amazing natural beauty

6) The fantastic food (especially doro wat)

5) The stares I get 🙂

4) The coffee drink called macchiato

3)  The steadfastness of the church under severe persecution

2) The many friends and family we have there

And the # 1 thing I love about Ethiopia:

1) The Ethiopian girl I married!

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