Moving Complete

by Henry Neufeld

We’ve completed our move, taking much longer than we thought, but the deed is done.

I thought some readers might be interested in how we are set up. Energion Publications is in most was a virtual company, i.e. we farm out the various tasks to contractors who generally don’t even live in this area. Fair warning: This is more than most of you really care to know about our business, but for those who like to make things feel a bit more personal here goes!

Our home base involves a 12×24 portable building which serves both as my office and as storage. I also still do some work with computers, which was what I was doing for a living before founding this company. My workbench and tools are all in that same space. Though we did some considerable rearranging and cleaning, that building is still in use.

We also have a home office, which was much more involved in the move. It’s almost as large as the portable building, and it’s where much of the book shipping takes place as well as editorial work and most of our meetings, though meetings can take place in my office as well. Only my wife and I work regularly here.

Here are some pictures of my office space following reorganization (below the fold). Those who are neat and well-organized will wonder how I call these “after” pictures. Those who know me will realize how organized the space is. Excessively neat space makes me twitch!

That’s our big printer, currently awaiting service. We print out advance copies and so forth on this. All printing of actual books is contracted out.
The computer and storage side. The computers and monitors in the middle of the picture await testing. If they work, they’ll be available to be donated to local ministries that might need them. The open computer on the right serves for data recovery. The rest is tools and storage.


This is from my office door. The light interfered, but you can see the bookcases!
This is from my office door. The light interfered, but you can see the bookcases!
This is a better lighted picture from the door showing the bookcases. The whiteboard is for me to make notes on.
My study desk. No, I don’t always have that many books stacked up. There are normally more. I returned some to shelves elsewhere in the office while cleaning.
This is my main workstation, on which I do most of my writing and editing, and pretty much all of my work on our web sites. For those interested in such things, I use Ubuntu and also have a Windows XP in a Virtual Machine.
The space between my study desk (the laptop is on the study desk) and my workstation, with some of the audio equipment.


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