Yet Another Move Update

Most of the moving is done, but we’re still waiting on a few wiring issues. That might result in temporary loss of power and/or internet at some point over the next few days. We will continue to have phone service and e-mail even if that happens. So far, however, we haven’t lost power/internet for more than a couple of minutes all told.

For those who may not know, let me explain the nature of our move. I’ll try to get some pictures here at some point, but thus far I don’t have any. Energion Publications is a virtual company for the most part. Those who work for us generally work at home and often live at some distance. Our main office is in a 12×24 building that has been nicely finished on the inside. That includes my own office, our larger printer, book shelves, storage space, and our file server. This building was located just across the front yard from our home. While it has been completely reorganized, it remains where it was.

My wife works in a home office. Our home has now moved about 100 feet back, increasing the size of the yard. Jody’s home office is now about four times the size it was before, which is a very good thing since she does all the shipping and organizing as well as sharing editing duties with me.

Our move has been smooth except for some technical difficulties with wiring, water, and sewer pipes due to the shape of the property. But all has been solved. We just have a few little things to clean up, and the power company has to change a short stretch of wire.

There has been a good deal of confusion, as even moving 100 feet, almost everything had to go into boxes to be moved, and then as the move was delayed, we were trying to keep the company going out of packing boxes. If we have failed to respond to anything, please check with us again and we’ll do our best to make it up to you!

Thanks for your patience!

— Henry Neufeld

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